China’s First “AI+ Healthcare” Hospital is Officially Inaugurated and Put into Service


Recently, ‘Anhui Provincial Intelligent Hospital’, also known as Artificial Intelligence Aided Treatment Center, established by IFLYTEK and Anhui Provincial Hospital, was inaugurated and put into service in Hefei, Anhui Province, which marks China’s first entity hospital featuring artificial intelligence (AI) plus healthcare.


Anhui Provincial Intelligent Hospital (picture source:


It is reported that the AI system contains knowledge about 680,000 lung CT images, 53 professional medical books, 2,000,000 de-identified real electronic medical records (EMRs), and 400,000 medical literatures and case reports, and provided doctors with assistance in diagnosing approximately 11,000 CT images in the hospital’s CT room, with a diagnostic accuracy of 94 percent. Furthermore, it will never stop learning. According to Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of IFLYTEK, the Artificial Intelligence Aided Treatment Center has been successfully connected to Anhui’s medical image cloud platform and the remote consultation platform for medical treatment combination of Anhui Provincial Hospital, and has been granted official access to 41 county-level hospitals, serving 105 counties across Anhui province in the future.


It is understood that, since the establishment of the “Joint Lab on Medical Artificial Intelligence” by IFLYTEK and Anhui Provincial Hospital as early as 2016, IFLYTEK’s products such as “Xiaoyi,” an intelligent guiding robot, AI computer-aided diagnosis system for medical images, voice-based EMR for outpatient services, oral/ultrasound voice assistant, and a cloud voice-controlled mobile medical workstation have been rolled out and applied in Anhui Provincial Intelligent Hospital, forming the foundation of Anhui Provincial Intelligent Hospital.

Among these products, after continuously “memorizing” 53 medical books and relevant data, “Xiaoyi” supports scheduling queries for doctors from 47 departments, navigation for 618 sites and 607 functional locations, and inquiries of business hours of 227 locations, and 260 Q&As, with a correct answer rate that raised from 81% to 90.81%.